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One of the best kept secrets in music teaching is that each key has certain scales, chords, and chord notes that make up the key. When you can think of music in keys, then so many scales and chords become predictable.  Fretboard Toolboxes let you see those scales, chords, & chord notes that make up keys, all over your instrument- the music theory that matters most!

 To learn TONS about building scales and chords, and see how to do it in any Major, minor, or blues key, ON ONE HAND, check out our new "Theory By Hand" method and worksheets here!

 Select your instrument from the "Instruments" tab above to download Fretboard Toolbox preview pages - over 1/4 of any Essential or Complete Edition (guitar, mandolin, bass, ukuleles, banjos, & more), including all the instructions and the key of G Major pages. There you can also download free tools for your instrument, or watch videos from the 100+ video library on the
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  Select "
200+ Free Jam Tracks" from the "Jam Tracks" link above to practice strumming, work on your scales, improvise solos, or create bass lines with a whole bunch of Jam Tracks (played at 4 speeds each), in the six most common Major, relative minor, & blues keys that people play in.

Hope you find some game-changing ideas here!

 -Scott Sharp

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 Use the "Free Tools" link above to download free tools full of ideas you can use on any instrument. There you can test your Major key music theory knowledge with the Building Major Keys Worksheet and learn how powerful the idea of scale degrees is with the new Picking Melodies Workbook. You can also see how the circle of fifths explains TONS about music with the Circle of Fifths Decoded E-Book, and learn to transcribe songs into any key with the Quick Key Decoder.​

Discover the secrets of the music theory that matters most!