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         The video below uses the song "Wagon Wheel" on guitar to get you started with this tool.

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The goal is to start thinking of chord progressions as Roman numeral progressions, because knowing this constantly helps me do things like quickly figure out the chords in songs, and change songs into any key I want.  Thinking of chord progressions as Roman numerals is one of the most important musical ideas I know! It's definitely confusing when you're starting out, but by knowing which chords make up each key, you'll start hearing that each Roman numeral has a unique sound. You'll also start noticing when songs use chords that are outside of the key, which makes figuring out songs on the fly a much quicker endeavor.

 Hope you find it helpful!  :-)

Quick Key Decoder: This free two-page tool can be used to transpose songs (change the key a song is in) with or without a capo, on any instrument, by showing the chords that make up each of the 14 Major, blues, and minor keys, and their Roman numerals. 

   Fretboard Toolbox Quick Key Decoder: 

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