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 Fingerpicking Patterns

10 Intro Strumming Patterns

10 Fingerpicking


Strumming and Fingerpicking Patterns

10 Fingerpicking Patterns

10 Introduction to

Strumming Patterns

10 Country/Bluegrass Strumming Patterns

40 Strumming & Fingerpicking Patterns

The main thing to remember with strumming is that you'll want to keep your strumming hand moving up and down constantly, even when you're on a rest between strums.  Click below to download files totaling 40 strumming &  fingerpicking patterns.  Practice until they become intuitive, and all sorts of new sounds will open up to you!  :-)

Click the images below, or the big yellow buttons, to download any of the FREE strumming  and fingerpicking files!

10 Folk Pop Strumming Patterns
10 Country Bluegrass Strumming Patterns

10 Folk/Pop

 Strumming Patterns