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10 Fingerpicking


10 Country/Bluegrass Strumming Patterns

The main thing to remember with strumming is that you'll want to keep your strumming hand moving up and down constantly, even when you're on a rest between strums.  Click below to download files totaling 40 strumming &  fingerpicking patterns.  Practice until they become intuitive, and all sorts of new sounds will open up to you!  :-)

40 Strumming & Fingerpicking Patterns

Click the images below, or the big yellow buttons, to download any of the FREE strumming  and fingerpicking files!

All 40 Strumming and 

 Fingerpicking Patterns

10 Folk/Pop

 Strumming Patterns

10 Introduction to

Strumming Patterns

10 Fingerpicking Patterns

10 Country Bluegrass Strumming Patterns
10 Folk Pop Strumming Patterns
10 Intro Strumming Patterns

Strumming and Fingerpicking Patterns