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Essential Editions pp. 19-22 & Complete Editions page 29

Essential Editions pp. 15-18 & Complete Editions page 25

Essential Editions pp. 11-14 & Complete Editions page 19

Essential Editions pp. 7-10 & Complete Editions page 13


Some F Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some D minor
​Jam Tracks

More F Major
​Jam Tracks

Some F Major
​Jam Tracks

Some E Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some C# minor
​Jam Tracks

More E Major
​Jam Tracks

Some E Major
​Jam Tracks

Some D Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some B minor
​Jam Tracks

More D Major
​Jam Tracks

Some D Major
​Jam Tracks

Some C Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some A minor
​Jam Tracks

More C Major
​Jam Tracks

Some C Major
​Jam Tracks

Some A Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some F# minor
​Jam Tracks

More A Major
​Jam Tracks

Some A Major
​Jam Tracks

Some G Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some E minor
​Jam Tracks

More G Major
​Jam Tracks

Some G Major
​Jam Tracks

Note: Essential Editions show the notes of the chords and Major/Major pentatonic scales

for the keys of G, A, C, D, & E Major.

Complete Editions show the notes of the chords and the Major/Major pentatonic,

minor/minor pentatonic, and blues scales for all 14 Major, minor,& blues keys.

                                                                Welcome to our private laboratory with 30 important chord progressions played in the 6 most common Major, minor, & blues keys, at 4 speeds each!  If your goal is to build ear & muscle memory, two of the most important tools you can have, then you should learn to think in musical keys.  Start by working on two big ideas with "Some G Major Jam Tracks":  1.  Learn the chords (and the chord Roman numerals) that make up each key by playing along with these important chord progressions.  2. Then, practice scales & improvising solos with each track's recommended scale(s) & focus on which notes sound good over each chord. 

​Complete Editions p. 32

​Complete Editions p. 31​

More F Major Chord Progressions
Some F Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 30

More E Major Chord Progressions
Some E Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 26

More D Major Chord Progressions
Some D Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 20

More C Major Chord Progressions
Some C Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 14

Some F# minor Chord Progressions
More A Major Chord Progressions
Some A Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 10

Some E minor Chord Progressions

Essential Editions pp. 3-6 & Complete Editions page 9

More G Major Chord Progressions
Some G Major Chord Progressions