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Essential Editions pp. 19-22 & Complete Editions page 29

Essential Editions pp. 15-18 & Complete Editions page 25

Essential Editions pp. 11-14 & Complete Editions page 19

Essential Editions pp. 7-10 & Complete Editions page 13


Some F Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some D minor
​Jam Tracks

More F Major
​Jam Tracks

Some F Major
​Jam Tracks

Some E Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some C# minor
​Jam Tracks

More E Major
​Jam Tracks

Some E Major
​Jam Tracks

Some D Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some B minor
​Jam Tracks

More D Major
​Jam Tracks

Some D Major
​Jam Tracks

Some C Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some A minor
​Jam Tracks

More C Major
​Jam Tracks

Some C Major
​Jam Tracks

Some A Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some F# minor
​Jam Tracks

More A Major
​Jam Tracks

Some A Major
​Jam Tracks

Some G Blues
​Jam Tracks

Some E minor
​Jam Tracks

More G Major
​Jam Tracks

Some G Major
​Jam Tracks

Note: Essential Editions show the notes of the chords and Major/Major pentatonic scales

for the keys of G, A, C, D, & E Major.

Complete Editions show the notes of the chords and the Major/Major pentatonic,

minor/minor pentatonic, and blues scales for all 14 Major, minor,& blues keys.

                                                    Welcome to your own private laboratory where you can experiment with 30 important chord progressions played in six common Major, minor, & blues keys, at 4 speeds each!  Two ways to use these tracks are:  1.  Learn the chords (and the chord Roman numerals) that make up each key by playing along with these important chord progressions.  2. Practice playing scales & improvising solos with each track's recommended scale(s) & focus on which notes sound good over each chord.  Learning  the chords and scales that make up keys (the diatonic chords and scales) can literally change the way you hear and play music.  :-)

​Complete Editions p. 32

​Complete Editions p. 31​

More F Major Chord Progressions
Some F Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 30

More E Major Chord Progressions
Some E Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 26

More D Major Chord Progressions
Some D Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 20

More C Major Chord Progressions
Some C Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 14

Some F# minor Chord Progressions
More A Major Chord Progressions
Some A Major Chord Progressions

Complete Editions p. 10

Some E minor Chord Progressions

Essential Editions pp. 3-6 & Complete Editions page 9

More G Major Chord Progressions
Some G Major Chord Progressions