•  Choose a speed and practice playing each song's chords while singing or humming the melody.
  • Pick  a song, find a good recording or TAB online, and practice until you can play the melody by heart.


  • Practice adding melodies while you play the chords.
  • Figure out each melody up the neck, in different keys.


  • Purchase 2-3 versions of the song you want to work on (CD, iTunes, etc.), and then use a program like "Amazing Slow Downer" to slow down some melodies/solos you like and create your own version.
  • Improvise on the melodies by throwing in lots of flavor, but work hard on keeping the melody alive!
  • Practice these tunes in random order on "SHUFFLE"!

Billy in the Lowground in C Major

Blackberry Blossom in G Major

Soldier's Joy in D Major

Big Sciota in G Major


Guitar Fiddle Tunes

Vol. 1 (TAB/Notation)

Cherokee Shuffle in A Major


Temperance Reel in G Major

Bill Cheatham in A Major

Already know these tunes pretty well?  Click HERE to practice them on "shuffle"!

    Fiddle Tunes Volume 1 (Backing Tracks and TAB/Standard Notation): 


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Whiskey Before Breakfast in D Major

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Mandolin Fiddle Tunes Vol. 1 (TAB/Notation)

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  Most of these melodies and backing tracks were played by me at home with my family and dog running about, and each track was played straight through, so I accept all responsibility for any strange noises or mistakes you hear during the recordings!  :-) 

  To make these tunes available at 10 different speeds each, I played each of them once in the key listed and then I used my "Amazing Slow Downer" software to change the speeds of the tracks.  



Click tunes on the left for free backing tracks (played at 10 tempos each).  Order Interactive E-Books for these songs on the right.  

E-Books show both TAB & standard notation.  Click "LOOK INSIDE" for free Blackberry Blossom TAB & Notation!