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Standard E-Book vs Interactive E-Book vs Print Toolboxes


-Available for immediate download-

Essential Standard E-Books $9.99 (USD)

Complete Standard E-Books $9.99 (USD)


-Available for immediate download-

Essential Interactive E-Books $14.99 (USD)

Complete Interactive E-Books $14.99 (USD)

Print 2nd Editions

-Usually ship within 12-24 hours-

Essential Editions $21.99 + shipping

Complete Editions $21.99 + shipping

  • PDF version of the Print Edition

  • Best choice if you want to print  the E-Book & use a paper copy.

  • Best​ choice if you plan on customizing your E-Book by printing it and marking on it
    • ​e.g. print extra copies of any pages you'd like and highlight the pentatonic scale notes; circle chord notes for various chords or other scales, etc.

  • "Customizing" works best on Complete Editions, since the pages are black and white.
  • PDF version of the Print Edition 

  • Interactive PDFs that contain lots of internal links that let you jump quickly from page to page.

  • Best choice if you'll often use your Toolbox on a computer/tablet, & you like to minimize scrolling.  

  • All Interactive E-Books can also be  printed like Standard E-Books.

  • Interactive E-Books can be customized as well, especially the "Complete Editions".
  • Print edition Toolboxes are built  to last using an extra-heavy 80lb cardstock paper. They're printed exclusively at a top-notch printing company in my hometown of Lawrence, Kansas.

  • They're made with protective front and back covers, and are b0und with a durable, spiral binding, so they actually stay open, unlike so many other music books I own!

  • The 24-page Essential Editions are the same price as the 40-page Complete Editions because color greatly increases printing costs!

Standard E-Book printing options: 

  • Print it at home: You can print your Fretboard Toolbox at home and start using it right away. I'd recommend printing it on two sides, and then three-hole punching it. For ease of use, you can then put it in a small three ring binder or presentation folder. This is a very cost effective option if you have a printer and a three-ring binder lying around the house.

  • Print it at a store:  You can bring in the file on a thumb drive, or email your PDF to your local printing shop. They'll help you sort through your best options for cost and quality.  Two things to watch out for: 1. If you're having it printed at a store, don't forget that the color ink on the Essential Editions greatly increases printing costs. 2. If you're having it printed at a store, make sure that it will save you money in the long run versus buying a Print Edition from the start.  The costs of paper quality, hole punching, and binding quality add up quickly!  :-)