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Essential 2nd Editions

Essential vs Complete Main Differences

Complete 2nd Editions


numberof pages


5 common Major keys (G, A, C, D, & E)keys covered in each editionAll 14 Major, minor, & blues keys

FULL COLOR with colored circles around

the chord notes for each key

use of color

BLACK AND WHITE fretboard diagrams;

1 full-color Standard Notation page

  • See Major scale notes (notes in white boxes) & Major pentatonic notes (underlined notes), in these 5 keys, all over your instrument
seeing scales
  • See the Major, minor, blues, and pentatonic scale notes anywhere on your instrument, in all 14 Major, minor, & blues keys
  • Learn the chord notes & shapes for the 6 main Major & minor chords in these keys, by seeing colored circles around the notes that build each of those chords
chord shapes
  • Learn the chord notes & chord shapes that make up each key
  • Learn which notes build nearly any chord, from G Major to F#m7b5, & then discover those chord shapes
  • Learn common chord progressions, & their Roman numerals, in these five common Major keys

chord progressions

  • Learn tons of chord progressions, & their Roman numerals, in any/all of these keys 
  • Experiment with improvising over common chord progressions in these 5 Major keys using the 200+ Free Jam Tracks page.  You can use this book for the Major & minor Jam Tracks, but for the Blues Tracks there, the Complete Edition is much better!
improvising practice
  • Experiment with improvising over common chord progressions in any key. Start with the 200+ Free Jam Tracks here, and then start trying to improvise with your own streaming music or iTunes playlists on "shuffle". Practice this a bunch!

NOTE: The five Major keys in the Essential Editions are identical copies of the corresponding Major key pages in the Complete Editions. The colored circles added to the Essential Editions help people see the notes that build the six main Major & minor chords that make up each of those keys. The colored circles also help see where those notes are found on the fretboard.