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  • Begin with a key to the left that you commonly play in, and practice/memorize all 8 melodies in that key.
  •  Choose a speed and practice playing each song's chords while singing or humming the melody.


  • Start with a reasonable speed for you, and build up speed with each melody using the backing tracks.
  • Figure out each melody up the neck, in different keys.
  • Work on being able to play the melodies with backing tracks, in different places up the neck, in all 5 keys.


  • Practice adding melodies while you play the chords.
  • Improvise on the melodies by throwing in lots of flavor, but work hard on keeping the melody alive!

  All of the free melodies and backing tracks were played by me at home with my family and dog running about, and each track was played straight through, so I accept all responsibility for any strange noises or mistakes you hear during the recordings!  :-)

  Also, to make these tunes available in 5 different keys, and at 6 speeds each, I played each of them once in the key of G Major, and once in the key of C Major, and then I used "Amazing Slow Downer" software to change the speeds and keys of the tracks.  

Picking Melodies Vol. 1 Workbook