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When you understand the ideas below, Fretboard Toolboxes, and music in general, will make MUCH more sense!  :-)

Essential vs Complete Fretboard Toolboxes
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Building Chords and Scales (click here for worksheet)

Long, Boring "Building Chords and Scales in Major Keys

Lesson and Worksheet

Theory By Hand (click here to see Theory by hand book)

Theory By Hand Overview for Experienced Players

Theory By Hand Big Idea 1: Major Scales

Theory By Hand Big Idea 2: Major Pentatonic Scales

Theory By Hand Big Idea 3: Building Common Chords

​Theory By Hand Big Idea 4: Chords of Major Keys

​Building Major Scales on One Hand (before book came out)

Circle of Fifths (click here for free Circle E-Book)
Circle of Fifths Decoded

Finding a Song's Key

Finding a Song's Key - Major Keys (Video 1) (Previous)

Finding a Song's Key - Major Keys (Video 2) (Previous)

​​In the boxes below, videos ending in (Essential) use Fretboard Toolbox Essential Editions, and those ending in  (Complete) use Fretboard Toolbox Complete Editions. 

Be sure to check out the "Ideas for All Instruments" too!

Baritone Ukulele Videos

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Fretboard Toolbox Bari Uke Tools!