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  Learn to play the chords and melodies to eight common Fiddle Tunes, including:  Blackberry Blossom, Big Sciota, Temperance Reel, Bill Cheatham, Cherokee Shuffle, Billy in the Lowground, Soldier's Joy, and Whiskey Before Breakfast.

  Click here, or the image to the left to download Blackberry Blossom TAB & Standard Notation for free! Click here for free Blackberry Blossom .tef file.

  Use this Interactive E-Book with these free Fiddle Tunes Volume 1 Backing Tracks, played at 10 tempos each.  (You can also order the book from that link too).

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Guitar Fiddle Tunes Volume 1 Interactive E-Books: 

Six Guitar Licks in Six Keys - Volume 1 Old-Timey Licks

This Interactive E-Book has all the same licks as the Six Licks in Six Keys E-Book that I've shown in several previous videos (you can still find the old free version back on the "Free Toolbox Guitar Tools" page), but I've now made it interactive so you can jump from page to page. This version also includes the scale degrees for each lick (highlighted in yellow), links to my free Jam Tracks pages to use with each lick, and a page with brief dissections of each lick! (Click here to learn more about scale degrees).

Click here (or the cover image) to preview this E-Book.

All Song & Licks Tab Books available for immediate download!

  Learn to play melodies, and start strumming the chords with the melodies for five classic Christmas tunes: Silent Night, Oh Christmas Tree, Deck the Halls, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and Jingle Bells- all played in the key of C Major.  

  This interactive E-Book comes with TAB for each song and is available for immediate download.  It also provides a URL with access to a web page containing:

  • 2 TAB files per song: the first has melody notes only, and the second is more advanced showing a way to play the chords and melody notes together
  • .tef files so you can hear the timing of each note, and play it back at any speed
  • MP3 backing tracks, played at 4 different speeds on the guitar

​​Guitar Holiday Tunes Interactive E-Books: 

To view any .tef files, click the image below to download the free TEFview software.

Guitar Song & Licks Tab Books: