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Guitar Chord Building
CAGED for Guitar
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Guitar CAGED Jig:  This tool shows how you can use the shapes of C Major, A Major, G Major, E Major, and D Major chords to play a G Major chord all the way up the fretboard.  I've redone my CAGED Jig, which you can download above.  I'm just leaving this one up because it's the one I used on an earlier video.  

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Guitar CAGED



Seeing Guitar on Piano

Guitar Double Stops in G Major:  See different ways to play G Major chords using double stops, and then learn some simple chord progressions played as 

double stops.  If you have a Fretboard Toolbox Complete Edition, use page 9; if you

have an Essential Edition, use pages 3-6.  Download the TablEdit files for this page

here.  Hope you enjoy!

Standard Notation Jig:  This tool comes from page 8 of the Complete Guitar Edition.  You can use it to see how the notes of a guitar match up with the notes of a piano.  You can use it to see which notes are in the same octave on different strings (any notes that have the same colored background).  If you're interested in using sheet music to play a melody, you can also use it to see where the notes on a treble clef are found all over the fretboard.

Free Chord Builder (in color):  Click the image to the left to download this ten-page, interactive (hyperlinked) tool.  It overlays colored circles over the Complete Guitar Edition's Key of G Major/E minor page, so you can see how each of the six main chords in G Major are built all up and down the fretboard.  Each of the six chords has it's own page, showing all the locations of the notes that make each chord. There's also page that shows, all at once, where the notes from the 3 main Major chords (the I, IV, and V chords) are found all over the fretboard.  There's a page showing the three minor chords (ii, iii, and vi) simultaneously as well. 

Free Toolbox Guitar Tools:

Six Old-Timey Licks in Six Keys:  This six-page tool has TAB for six licks, each played in six common keys.  Develop the muscle memory to feel, the sound memory to hear, and the words to describe which notes you're using from both inside and outside of the key.  When you combine muscle memory and sound memory, and you have the words to decribe/understand what you're doing, really cool things start happening!

Check out the new enhanced Interactive Six Licks E-Book here!

Guitar Double Stops

Guitar CAGED Jig (NEW) This tool shows how to use the shapes of C Major, A Major, G Major, E Major, and D Major chords to play G Major chords all the way up the fretboard using the Essential Guitar Edition's Key of G Major page.    

These same patterns can be used for ALL THE MAJOR CHORDS!  

6 Old-Timey Guitar Licks

Free Toolbox pages are back on the Guitar page. Any tools I show in my videos should be found below or at the "Guitar Tab Books" link.  Please contact me if you come across something I forgot to put up! :-)