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Videos ending in (Complete) feature Complete Editions

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Mastering Keys: Level 1 
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Mastering the Key of C Major (Ess. 2nd & Com. 2nd)

Walking Guitar Basslines in C Major (Ess. 2nd)

Mastering the Key of G Major (Ess. 2nd & Com. 2nd)

Strumming and Fingerpicking 

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​10 Country & Bluegrass Strumming Patterns

10 Beginner Fingerpicking Patterns 

Chord Building

Your First 6 Guitar Chords in G Major (Essential)

Guitar Chord Building in C Major(Complete)

Chord Progressions
Some G Major Chord Progressions for Guitar(Complete)

Some Common Guitar Chord Progressions in A Major (Com. 2nd)

Some C Major Chord Progressions for Guitar (Complete)

Some D Major Chord Progressions for Guitar(Ess. 2nd)

Scales & Soloing

Making Up Bluesy Guitar Licks in G Major (Com. 2nd)

Making Up Bluesy Guitar Licks in D Major (Ess. 2nd & Com. 2nd)

See 4 Guitar Scales in G w/free Backing Tracks(Com. 2nd)

6 Old-Timey Licks in G Major w/TAB (Essential)

Your First Guitar Improvising in G Major (Essential) 

Two Secrets to Bluesy, Old-Timey Guitar Licks (Essential)

6 Old-Timey Licks in G Major w/TAB (Complete)

See Guitar Scales in Any Key(Complete)

Four Guitar Scales in the Key of C (Complete)

Decoding A Bluegrass Guitar Lick(Complete)

Visualizing Guitar Blues Scales(Complete)

Picking Happy Birthday in 3 Keys (Ess. 2nd)

1000 Dollar Car by the Bottle Rockets(Com. 2nd)

Picking "Wildwood Flower" (Essential) 
Beginner Billy in the Lowground w/TAB (Complete)
Whiskey Before Breakfast w/TAB (Complete)
Blackberry Blossom w/TAB (Complete)

"Walk on Boy" Chords and Solo (Complete)
Picking "Bury Me Beneath the Willow" (Complete)
Picking "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash (Complete)

Silent Night(fromHoliday Tunes Book)

How to Understand Guitar Capos (Essential)

Finding a Song's Key on Guitar(Complete)

Seeing Guitar on the Piano (Complete)​
Guitar Ideas to Know in Every Key (Complete)
Beginner Walking Guitar Bass Lines in G Major ​​(Previous)