Mastering Keys: Level 1 
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Mastering the Key of C Major (Ess. 2nd & Com. 2nd)

Chord Building

See the Mandolin CAGED System in Color(Ess. 2nd)

Your First 6 Mandolin Chords in G Major (Essential)

See Mandolin Chords in the Key of A Major (Essential)

Mandolin Chords Up the Neck in D Major(Essential)

Mandolin CAGED System for G Major Chords (Complete)

​Mandolin Chord Building in D Major​​(Complete)

​Mandolin Chord Building in C Major(Complete)

Mandolin Chord Building in A Major(Complete)

Chord Progressions
Some G Major Chord Progressions for Mandolin(Essential)

Some C Major Chord Progressions for Mandolin (Complete)

Scales & Soloing

Making Up Bluesy Mandolin Licks in D Major (Ess. 2nd)

2 Secrets to Bluesy, Old-Timey Mandolin Licks (Essential)

6 Old-Timey Licks in G and A (Essential) 

6 Old-Timey Licks in G Major w/TAB (Complete)

Seeing G Major, Pentatonic, and Blues Scales (Complete)

See Mandolin Scales in any Key (Complete)

Basic Mandolin Soloing in any Key   (Complete)

4 Mandolin Scales in C (Complete)

Seeing Mandolin Melodies Using Scale Degrees(Essential and Picking Melodies E-Book)

Picking "Wildwood Flower" (Complete) 
Blackberry Blossom w/TAB (Complete &
TAB from 
Fiddle Tunes Vol. 1)

Beginner Big Sciota w/TAB (Com. 2nd &

TAB from Fiddle Tunes Vol. 1)

Silent Night (from Holiday Tunes Book)

Seeing the Key of G Major (Essential)

Finding a Song's Key on Mandolin (Complete)

Seeing Mandolin on the Piano (Complete)​

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